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Welcome to Bud Champion Cannabis Seed Bank. We stock a variety of regular, feminised, autoflowering and CBD cannabis seeds. Popular strains from international brands and breeders. Discreet and safe international delivery.

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Buy cannabis seeds online at Bud Champion’s UK seed bank. We source the freshest and finest seeds from all over the world, delivered direct to your door.

Why Choose Us?

The Bud Champion team’s mission is simple. To curate the most extensive cannabis seed bank, brimming with exceptional strains and genetics from popular brands and breeders all over the world. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority — this is our unwavering commitment to our customers and why users come back to our website time and time again. With affordable, international delivery by Royal Mail directly from our warehouse to your door across 3 different continents in record time.

Large Collection Of Seeds

Grow your collection with our selection of high-quality cannabis seeds. We’ve curated a diverse range featuring the most revered brands across the industry, ensuring you have access to top-notch genetics and strains. Each product in our marijuana seed bank reflects the dedication and expertise of the breeders and brands behind them. We work with some of the best names in the cannabis industry and are proud to have such an extensive array of cannabis seeds for sale on our website.

Safe & Secure Payments

At Bud Champion’s UK cannabis seed bank, we take your security and your privacy seriously. You can buy cannabis seeds online with credit card and debit card, and also Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. Since we are a seed bank that accepts cryptocurrency, we provide an extra layer of discretion, ensuring your purchases remain confidential. Our commitment to your security and privacy is just one of the steps we take to create a secure and anonymous shopping experience.

Popular Cannabis Strains

Featured Cannabis Seed Breeders

Barney's Farm
DNA Genetics
Bomb Seeds
Reserva Privada
Landrace Warden
00 Seeds
Pyramid Seeds
Pheno Finder Seeds
Grand Daddy Genetics
Khalifa Genetics

Bud Champion’s Premium Cannabis Seed Bank Collection

We are Bud Champion, your trusted cannabis seed bank based in Bury St Edmunds, UK. We take pride in offering an extensive collection of premium cannabis seeds that cater for all cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. Our mission is simple. To provide our customers with the best quality cannabis seed souvenir for your collection.

Situated in the United Kingdom, we understand the importance of offering a diverse selection of seeds whilst maintaining privacy, discretion and ensuring we offer complete customer satisfaction. With excellent customer service and our extensive partnerships with revered cannabis brands and breeders from all corners of the world has ensured our position as the premier choice for cannabis seeds in the UK market.

A Global Cannabis Seed Bank of The World’s Best Breeders & Brands

In addition to the Bud Champion brand, we are proud to be your number 1 destination to the global cannabis seed market. Our whopping inventory boasts a vast array of cannabis seeds from hundreds of popular brands and breeders. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking a rare and exotic strain or a classic daytime favourite, we provide an extensive seed library for every cannabis lover.

Fast and Discreet Worldwide Shipping

We understand the significance of discretion and that’s why we offer fast and discreet worldwide shipping. Every order is picked and packed securely and delivered by Royal Mail directly to your door. We respect your privacy and go to great lengths to ensure or postage and packaging is discreet.

Checkout With Cryptocurrency Payments

At Bud Champion, we take your privacy seriously. That’s exactly why we only accept cryptocurrency for payment on our marijuana seedbank. As of now we accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether (USDT). We understand how important it is to protect your personal information and by accepting digital currency to settle your order on our seed bank it adds an extra layer of confidentiality. By accepting cryptocurrency as our only means of payment it ensures that your transactions remain completely private and secure. At Bud Champion we consider ourselves as pioneers in the cannabis seed industry and are proud to be helping cryptocurrency adoption by using this digital payment approach that protects online transactions for our seedbank’s customers.

Supporting Ethical and Responsible Seed Collecting

We are proud to be advocates of ethical and responsible cannabis seed collecting. Our seed collection is intended for souvenir purposes only and we ask all of our customers to adhere to local laws and legislation on our website and also on our packaging. Responsible seed collecting makes sure that the preservation of valuable genetics is guaranteed for future generations to come.

Educational Articles, How To’s and Latest News for Cannabis Enthusiasts

We are big believers that education is key when shopping for unique products that are featured on our marijuana seed bank. By understanding our unique products range, customers can make an informed decision when they make a purchase online at our store. On our cannabis blog, we provide readers with useful content such as grow guides, strain profiles and history and other informative how-to articles to help you get the most from your purchase.

Your Reliable Cannabis Seed Bank in the UK

In an ever evolving industry, we are your ultimate destination for buying cannabis seeds online. Whether you’re a dedicated collector, a cannabis enthusiast, or simply someone curious about the world of cannabis genetics, Bud Champion is here to serve you.

Our commitment to top quality products, customer privacy and satisfaction makes us the premier cannabis seed shop in the UK. While we may not cultivate our seeds, our dedication to sourcing high-quality genetics and offering a vast selection of seeds from renowned breeders ensures that you have access to the very best cannabis seeds in the market. Explore Bud Champion’s premium cannabis seed library. Start or expand your weed seed collection journey today.

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